Digital and offset printing

We offer complete company branding and design for a wide variety of advertising and packaging products.

This type of printing includes a few basic types of materials, as well as combining them with a variety of other materials: different types of paper, cardboard, films and foils. These make it possible to manufacture:

  •  leaflets, brochures, catalogs, labels, bags, banners, carbonless papers, notebooks, envelopes
  • folders, calendars, menus, boxes, packages, cardboard displays, totems, wobblers, shelftalkers, stoppers, business cards
  • PVC labels

Aside from the design, visual concept and the media used to manufacture the products, there is another crucial part to achieving a distinguishing look for advertising materials – the finishing technologies:

  • hot stamp printing, partial, UV and volumetric varnishing
  • die cutting and wrapping
  • lamination

Advantages and applications

Offset printing is used in manufacturing of products, aimed to reach a broad group of consumers. One of it’s advantages is it’s ability to carry detailed information of your business. It is used in the production of large quantities of the same product. As the cost is largely based on the expenses involved in the preparation of the prints it is ineffective at smaller quantities, but those become irrelevant with the demand of larger volumes of production.

Digital printing provides a better option for smaller quantities of products and personalized designs, meeting the required capabilities to produce business cards, flyers, menus and other kinds of products that have to deal with smaller quantities of the same print.