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Large Format Printing

Automotive advertising
Outdoor advertising
Illuminated signs


Graphic Design

Logo design
Corporate design
Design for promotional materials


Digital and offset printing

Folders, catalogs, menus
Paper bags, chemical blanks
Packaging, boxes, envelopes


Direct Printing

UV printing, flatbed printing
screen printing
Textile printing
T-shit prints


Large Format Printing

Large format printing and finishing.

Digital and offset printing

Design and production of wide variety of printed advertising and packaging products.

Direct Printing

UV printing, screen printing, heat press

Graphic Design

Logo design, corporate design


5 years ago we first entered the market of printed and advertising goods as a team of already highly experienced specialist. We have been growing as a team ever since, welcoming new members every year, expanding our services and extending our portfolio. Our production house gives us the opportunity to use modern technologies to deliver a variety of high quality printed products including wide-format, offset, digital, direct UV printing, screen printing, as well as the required finishing processes. Our graphic design service is an important part of our capability to provide outstanding advertising products and consumables.

We use our extensive experience to understand the needs of our clients and meet their expectations. This allows us to offer complex services – from designing to delivering the finished product.

The company is based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our location has allowed us to make our services available to our clients everywhere in Bulgaria and the EU. Providing flexible logistics and meeting challenging deadlines has made us preferred partner for many of them. We put our efforts in maintaining the trust we receive from many of our long lasting partnerships.

We guarantee the quality of the products we make. We are always available to consult our clients, giving valuable advice to help them realize the full potential of their project. We are able to provide a complete range of services to ensure time and cost effective solutions – from start to finish.

Our portfolio ranges from a variety of luxurious and custom made products to many mass produced consumables.

If you are looking to advertise your business, if you are preparing to present your activities at an event, if you are considering changing your company branding – we have it all covered. We are here to help realize your vision and offer the best means to advertise according to your goals.

From the first moment the company's employees were distinguished with exceptional professionalism and understanding in the execution of the orders. During the design development, they proved to be innovative creative and with fresh ideas and suggestions. Procurement management was at a very high level - in terms of time, performance and overall service. The professionalism and honesty shown so far give us reason to recommend COVERPRINT as a reliable and loyal partner.

Latécoère Bulgaria

This reference is issued to COVERPRINT as a positive evaluation of their overall work as our supplier. During our collaboration, they prove to be true professionals in every aspect of the advertising sector. Our preferred supplier for timely deliveries, quality of design and products.

Liebherr Bulgaria

Cover Print who has been our partner in advertising for the past two years, gained our trust by using their advantage over their competitors in the trade - excellent and constant quality and good prices. The company is the perfect provider of the advertising materials for our needs.

Atanas AntonovJägerhof

We have been working with Cover Print for the past 3 - 4 years, and we have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always available, and offer the most competitive rates in town.

Kinetic Trade

We have always received the products made by Cover Print with no remarks to be made.
The advertising materials are precisely manufactured and are successfully competing with companies in this branch.

Mechkuev Design