Large Format Printing

We have a fully equipped production line for large format printing and finishing.

 Wide-format printing uses a variety of different materials and technologies: Solvent based, sublimation and direct printing provide the possibility to produce a wide range of products:

  • billboards, printed tarpaulin covers, banners, pallet covers
  • vinyl prints, allowing contour cut graphics, used in vehicle branding, office branding, one-way-vision prints, illuminated signs
  • beach flags, tents
  • direct prints on signs, composite panels, acrylics, mirrored back-lit prints, 3D letter signs, from foamed PVC, stainless steal and acrylic, finished by laser cutting, router cutting
  • wallpapers, stoppers, promo-stands, banners, posters, roll-up banners, doming stickers, magnetic stickers, reflective stickers
  • canvas prints


Advantages and applications

One of the basic advantages of wide-format printing is it’s reliability in the production of outdoor advertising materials. This allows your message to reach a broader range of people.

Another advantage is the practicality of use for the wide-format printing technologies. Many of the products that require these types of prints are multi-functional, such as tents, booths, covers, etc., that serve other purposes besides advertising.

The is no limit to big ideas with wide-format. It can meet the needs for your biggest projects.